Stitches of Love Crocheting/Knitting Group

We meet on Wednesdays at Post from 6:30–8:00 PM

We are making laprobes for veterans, baby hats and blankets for Care Net in Frederick, wheelchairs, and walker bags for veterans.

Join us when you can or work from home. If you have any unwanted yarn to donate or any questions, contact Anna Grimes at (301) 788-7174

Soap Sacks 

President Diane Lowe of our Stitches of Love crochet group made 116 soap sacks for Bethesda Navy Medical Center.

crochet page 7


35 preemie blankets and 31 Christmas hats were donated Mercy Hospital in Baltimore for the NICU. Our Stitches of ❤️ crochet group enjoys making items for the babies.